Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of this week's assignments is to take your camera everywhere and take pictures.  This I can do.  I love my camera, and, even though it is way more camera than I know how to use, I love taking pictures. And it is a really good excuse to get out and look around with new eyes.  The picture above is of marbles that my mom used to play with when she was a girl...
This is part of a parking meter that somehow got given to me.  I'm in a local environmental art show in April and the topic is "mining"....I think that somehow I'm going to have to use this...not sure how yet.

This is what it was like outside a few minutes ago.  Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to live in a place where I am surrounded by trees, right outside my back door. 

These are some jewellery components waiting for inspiration.  And the will to go outside and shovel a path to the workshop.
And here's where we're at right now....resting up after a long photo shoot.  I just got my treadmill delivered today. It will take great effort to get off this couch....


  1. Ha ha, I am right with you on the couch. This is hibernation mode, yes?
    The animals know this, why should we not succumb to it too?
    This is a great photo spread of things that are part of your world.
    I love that we are telling a story of ourselves.
    When I think of "mining" I think of tunneling my way through the snow.
    The greater Chicago area now have great white mountains.

  2. Love this post. Your pictures are great. We are snowed in also here in Bend, Oregon and I love it. It is a time to clean out, read and do some writing. You have inspired me to get my camera out and take some pictures.