Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today we awoke to about 2 feet of fresh was beautiful, but I really was not in the mood to shovel, and shovel and shovel....who's idea was it to live on acerage anyhow?  All I want to do right now is draw, but I have to get some dolls at least started, and we (my friends Mo, Elaine, and Melanie and I) have been accepted to the Smithers art Gallery and Wells art Gallery to do our Toys in the Attic, Beasts in the Basement show, and I need to put some effort into this....oh, well at least my to do list is fun stuff....


  1. Oh Heather, I love your dolls. I have always wanted to make dolls! Yours are wonderful. DId you take a class or did it just come naturally? FUN INDEED!!!

  2. Cassandra, i have been making dolls forever. I haven't taken any formal courses, but have had strong influences from eleanor peace bailey, akira blount and mimi kirchner. the best part of dolls is that you can use all kinds of art.